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ASHBURN International Completed VISA PIN Certification

ASHBURN International, specializing in solutions for monitoring POS-terminals, transaction management, and bank payment cards, completed the audit for compliance with VISA PIN Security requirements and received a certificate to process PINs sent from payment terminals to banks.

VISA PIN certificate confirms the security of management, use, and transfer of PIN codes used in online transactions with bank cards in ATMs and POS terminals.

“Successful audit completion is the best proof that ASHBURN International guarantees its customers security of payment services, processing and transmitting bankcards users’ data. The company implemented all the tasks to receive this certificate: raised the safety level and expanded the services range. Our technical support, infrastructure, and even staff were assessed during certification” – says ASHBURN International Executive Director Žoržas Šarafanovičius.

During the certification preparation, the company reorganized the IT infrastructure, which provides secure online sending of the PIN code from the payment terminal to the bank. New PIN encryption equipment was bought. The existing infrastructure was updated, too, as well as extra safety procedures were conducted. Fully meeting the required standards, ASHBURN International received the VISA PIN certificate, which provides the company with new opportunities for cooperation with existing and future partners.

The new feature is especially useful in the implementation of contactless payments. Now in Lithuania, it is possible to transfer up to 25 euros by one contactless paying. If this amount is exceeded, it is necessary to enter the PIN code by inserting the payment card into the terminal. If a VISA PIN certificate is received and PIN online service is implemented, the payer can enter the PIN code without inserting a card into the POS terminal.

PIN online service, which is ensured by a VISA PIN certificate, is commonly used to pay for parking services, self-service gas stations, post terminals.

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