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A company “ASHBURN International” expands its activities in the Baltic countries

The company “ASHBURN International” (“ASHBURN”), owned by a group of companies, “Penki kontinentai” is actively expanding its activities and is currently introducing services of e-product distribution in the neighboring Baltic countries.

A technical solution developed by “ASHBURN” was used to sell electronic prepayment codes replacing previously used scratch cards in a network of Statoil Fuel & Retail petrol stations in Latvia. This service allows customers of the petrol stations to replenish their prepayment accounts used to pay for the services of mobile connection providers (LMT, “Bitė,” “Tele 2”) and terrestrial television provider “Lattelecom.”

“Code management tool developed by our company ensures streamlined storage of codes in a virtual store, their issuance to the buyer, quick and easy account replenishment, reporting, and management of other operations. It is worth noting that the solution has been designed so that new features can be added to it according to the needs of the company and its customers, adapting it for different sectors without a significant investment. Shortly, we will use the existing experience and the latest technologies to introduce a similar solution in Statoil Fuel & Retail petrol stations in Estonia as well”, says the Director of the Business Development Department of “ASHBURN” Dominykas Mertinas.

The company “ASHBURN” established its position in the prepaid mobile account replenishment sector in 2002. The first company offered the Lithuanian market an e-commerce system for the prepayment of mobile accounts. Today, technologies managed by “ASHBURN” allow traders to distribute any e-products using both bank terminals and computerized checkouts.

About “ASHBURN International”

“ASHBURN International,” which implements solutions for payment cards, e-commerce, and loyalty systems, was founded in 1998. The company offers information technology solutions and outsourcing services to companies operating in the finance, commerce, telecommunications, and services sectors. As of 2003, “ASHBURN International” is a member of the group of companies “Penki kontinentai.”

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