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Big interview with a banker: Umid Xojibekov told about secrets of career at Ipak Yuli Bank

Ipak Yuli Bank is one of the largest private banks in Uzbekistan and an important BS/2 client. “Ipak Yuli” actively follows innovations in the banking sector and tries to regularly expand the range of services to improve the quality of service to its customers.

The key vector of BS/2 cooperation with partners is a humane attitude – first of all, we see each client as an interesting person. This is why the marketing director of BS/2 Ilya Kholodnov recently interviewed Umid Xojibekov, the head of the department of current activity and control of the retail business of “Ipak Yuli”.

Umid Xojibekov talked about the beginning of his career, the specifics of working at Ipak Yuli, corporate culture in banking, and work-life balance. The video quickly gathered several thousand views – subscribers were interested in learning about the hierarchy within the banks, the peculiarities of working in branches, and the importance of training for employees.

View the interview with Umid Xojibekov here.

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