TIBO 2014

Minsk, Belarus

About event

International Forum on Telecommunications, Information and Banking Technologies will be held from 22 Apr to 25 Apr 2014.

The Trade Show venue is Roofed Soccer Arena in Minsk, Belarus.

TIBO 2014 will be a platform where a lot of critical items will probably be showcased. Some of these are Information Technology, telecommunications, Banking, and Information.

TIBO 2014 is organized triennially.

TIBO-2014 is аn annual exhibition organized by the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus. The world’s leading companies show their communication, software, bank technologies, office technique, and consumer electronic device areas.
At the Datastream DEP boost, each person learned the BAS-IP novelties, tested them, and asked the company’s specialists questions.

In recent years IP-video intercoms have become more popular in Belarus. That is why the BAS-IP equipment captured the attention of most visitors to the exhibition. Particularly, they were interested in stylish video intercom AQ-10 with 10,2” TFT LCD and fire alert panel AV-02 FP – they were presented to the public for the first time in this country.

The BAS-IP company managed to establish itself as a successful and reliable one on the market of Belarus by combining the stylish design and high functionality in its devices. Due to these technical and visual design features, we have won some tenders to install our equipment in several huge residential complexes built in Belarus.