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Vladimir Nazarenko about S&G Plans for 2019 and Partnership with BS/2

Sargent and Greenleaf (S&G), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of safe locks and security systems, have been present on the market for over 160 years. The company actively invests in expanding its product line and today offers the market the latest solutions, such as NexusIP and A-SeriesTM. This year S&G signed a cooperation agreement with the banking technology company BS/2, owned by the Penki Kontinentai Group.

Vladimir Nazarenko, S&G Business Development Manager in Eastern Europe, shared his plans for 2019 and his vision of a partnership with BS/2.

– How does S&G plan to surprise customers this year?

– We opened 2019 with the presentation of two new solutions. The first one is designed for home and arms safes with Bluetooth control. The new lock does not have a keyboard, and this is its uniqueness. After downloading the application, the owner controls the lock through a mobile device. The connection is via Bluetooth, and you need to input the correct code on the phone to open the safe.

Our second solution is created for corporate clients (banks and trade organizations). IP-controlled locks can administer safes of financial institutions, stores or supermarkets, gas stations, or fast food restaurants remotely. Our optimization program allows setting a schedule for the lock, changing its configuration, adding or removing a user from the list, such as dismissed employees who knew access codes.

 How wide is the range of your products?

– For banks and various companies, we offer locks for safes ranging from the mechanical, classic key, code electronic to biometric. There are locks with disposable codes or with a time delay. Each of them has its own features and functions. The range of products is extensive and meets the needs of customers around the world.

– How is the company developing? What is its occupied position in the world market today?

– Sargent and Greenleaf is one of the oldest and most respected manufacturers of safe locks and security systems. For over 160 years, we have been supplying high-quality products to the security market. In the production of safe locks, S&G is in the TOP 3. If we consider the segment of locks for ATMs, we occupy a leading position. Most self-service devices are equipped with S&G locks at the factory. Our partners (such as global company Diebold Nixdorf) install S&G mechanical and key locks in ATMs by default. On the other hand, locks with displays spark interest in private banks. Companies such as BS/2 that offer specialized solutions meeting the strategic plans of financial and trade organizations play a special role in implementing such projects.

– How do you see the partnership between S&G and BS/2?

– When I came to work in Sargent and Greenleaf, I began to look for partners, cooperation with which would contribute to the development of companies and at the same time meet the interests of clients. Of course, BS/2 is number one among them. It is a strong company with extensive experience that has subsidiaries in many countries, increasing sales geography. BS/2 interest in our products also played an important role. S&G, in turn, was interested in software developed by BS/2, such as Cash Management.iQ.  Our A-SeriesTM solution, which provides a comprehensive approach to protecting ATMs, will expand the functionality of BS/2 solutions for banks and automate and secure the work of CIT services. This year, we will launch several projects that will take our companies to a new developmental level.

– Both companies are united under the common mission of providing unbreakable security. How do Sargent and Greenleaf respond to malefactors’ threats?

– Throughout its history, S&G has constantly been improving security systems. Our company invented the protection against the so-called listening to lock clicks. Fake clicks confuse criminals trying to open the safe with a stethoscope. As in cyberspace, if there is a virus, an antivirus appears. Today, special high-grade security locks with protection from code selection, drilling and knocking out, opening delay, and connecting to the alarm provide an exceptional security level.

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