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Uzbekistan becomes the center of digital technology development in the banking industry of Central Asia

Today in Tashkent launched PLUS-Forum “Banks and Retail. Digital Transformation and Interaction”. The event is supported by the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the IT Park.

As part of one of the main industry events, it will be possible to get acquainted with cutting-edge hardware and new software solutions for the banking sector, as well as talk to market participants and fintech headliners. Startups, venture, and IT companies, heads of retail networks and e-commerce, leading world experts of banking and payment industry are among the participants of the conference.

On the showcases #11-12, 17-18 the BS/2 experts together with their partners from Diebold Nixdorf, CPS, S&G and Datalogic will demonstrate software solutions, banking and trading equipment.

In addition, BS/2 representatives will speak at PLUS-Forum as speakers.

The presentation “Banking self-service as the foundation for the development of a modern bank” is presented by Anton Valinčius, Head of Business Development Department of BS/2, together with Umid Khodjibekov, Head of Department of Current Activity and Retail Business Control of Ipak Yuli Bank. This report will include the premiere of the documentary about Ipak Yuli Bank’s development of its ATM network.

Another report on “Building the unique acquiring ecosystem in Uzbekistan” will be presented by Kirill Ovsyannikov, Deputy General Director for Strategic Development of BS/2.

A report on PLUS-Forum will be available on our website after the end of the event.

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