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Tomas Augucevičius on Almaty TV

The PLUS Forum “FinTech Borders. Digital Eurasia”, which took place on October 27-28 in Almaty, Kazakhstan was completed. A large Penki Kontinentai delegation took part in the forum: BS/2 Deputy General Directors Tomas Augucevičius and Kirill Ovsiannikov, Head of Sales Kornelijus Šišla, BS/2 Kazakhstan Director Azat Liukhuzaev, BS/2 Uzbekistan Director Anton Valinčius, Deputy Head of Marketing Loreta Valinčienė, Product Manager Elvira Abišina and Executive Director of ASHBURN International Žoržas Šarafanovičius.

At the forum in Kazakhstan, the impact of modern ATMs on the ecosystem of banking services was discussed. Kirill Ovsiannikov delivered his report “Automating the work of physical banking channels”.

BS/2 experts attracted a lot of attention from Kazakhstan’s business press. Deputy CEO of BS/2 Tomas Augucevičius gave his commentary for Almaty TV. In it he spoke about how the digitalization of the banking sector and the economy of Kazakhstan as a whole is going on. The full report can be watched here.

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