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SEB is enhancing the ATMs with new security solutions

Сash dispensers have become the perfect bait for all sorts of scams who try to crack them. To ensure maximum ATM security, SEB Bank invests 3.5 million euros in its ATM  network modernization and modern security systems installation. For example, special ink cassettes, which damage all bills in case of a break attempt.

“The history of ATMs here in Lithuania goes back for over two decades. During this time, technologies were developing rapidly; and so went the changes in ATM cracking methods. Like everywhere in the world, SEB introduces security systems in its Lithuania-based ATMs. This is to ensure greater security of our customers’ financial transactions “, – says Mr. Audrius Šapola, Head of SEB Financial Crime Prevention Unit.

According to Mr. Šapola, cases of ATM cracking in Lithuania are relatively rare, and SEB ATMs are targeted only once or twice a year. Although customers do not suffer from such break-ins directly, they create some inconvenience – for instance, for some time afterward, you cannot withdraw cash from the ATM that fell “victim” to robbers. In addition, an electronic device might be installed in a card slot – so that your confidential data becomes known to malefactors. Also, an adhesive cash-trap might be put in the dispensing slot, which grabs your money. However, such cases are sporadic in Lithuania, and losses from such fraud are relatively small.

Also, according to Mr. Tomas Augucevičius, Deputy Director of Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos (BS/2), which specializes in ATMs servicing and specialized software solutions for the banking sector, banks are well aware of the true extent of losses due to ATMs – for this is why they choose the most modern security measures.

“One of these innovations is the ink cassettes that are installed in ATMs. In unexpected physical impact (shock, gas, extremely high or shallow temperature), all bills are swamped with special ink. This is a very reliable means of protection against break-ins as such notes can no longer be used, and the robbers have no motives for a break-in”, – BS/2’s Augucevičius says.

From his part, the head of SEB Financial Crime Prevention Unit warns that if you see such a bill, you shouldn’t take it (it won’t be accepted and can’t be exchanged by any commercial bank, or even Bank of Lithuania). However, if you possess such a bill, you should contact the police regarding “possible evidence of criminal activities” immediately.

When using ATMs, you should also follow certain safety rules:

  • Before using an ATM, make sure that there are no traces of tampering or other suspicious devices installed in the card slot. If you notice anything suspicious, report it immediately to the bank.
  • If you find that someone standing next to the ATM behaves strangely, or comes too close to it, terminate your cash withdrawal transaction immediately.
  • Do not ask for assistance from strangers while you’re near the ATM: as long as your card is securely hidden, don’t be distracted whatever happens.
  • When using an ATM, don’t forget to take your card, cash, and cheque with an extract from your account – or destroy it so that no one could use the information contained therein.
  • If the ATM does not return the card, check the slot for foreign objects’ presence, stay there – and inform the bank.

You can see the interview with the Head of SEB Financial Crime Prevention Unit Audrius Šapola in Savaitė per Penki TV program. (LT)


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