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New Orleans Hosts the Annual ATMIA US Conference

23-25 February New Orleans will become the venue of the annual ATMIA US Conference. During this major ATM-related event, the latest banking equipment, software, and integrated solutions for self-service devices will be presented.

The conference participants will present papers on the current situation and prospects for the ATM market, the opportunities of mobile and “cloud” technologies, security measures, virtual currencies, and other relevant issues. The exhibition, where the ATM manufacturers, software developers, and system integration service providers worldwide will present their products, solutions, and services, is held along with the conference.

Lithuania will be represented in the ATMIA US Conference by Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos (BS/2) – which, together with its American partner, Almod Corporation, will present .iQ family of software products for banks and other financial institutions.

BS/2 devotes special attention to the protection of self-service devices, which is a most urgent topic today. The participants and guests will be acquainted with the ATMeye.iQ video surveillance solution. For 16 years already, this software product is successfully used worldwide to protect ATMs and prevent cases of fraud and vandalism. ATMeye.iQ, which fully complies with the PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard)  requirements, is installed on more than 50 thousand devices. Its mobile version, Mobile ATMeye.iQ, which instantly responds to suspicious activities with the ATMs and their vicinity, is also created and implemented.

The ATMIA US Conference is held by the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA), which aims to develop the industry. Currently, this international non-profit organization unites over 5 thousand members, including ATM manufacturers and software integrators and individuals, financial institutions, product suppliers, consulting firms, etc.

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