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Modern DN-series ATMs added to Victoriabank fleet

DAAC System Integrator company will accomplish delivery of 100 modern ATMs to Victoriabank. For the first time in Moldova, modern devices from Diebold Nixdorf DN-series appeared. Besides the high quality of assembling and reliability, this series is distinguished by a large set of used software solutions that allow the bank to build a long-term strategy for using its ATM network.

Products from DAAC System Integrator feature solutions such as:

ProFlex4 – multivendor software that allows banks to create unique user interfaces.

ATMeye.iQ – comprehensive software with special sensors that protect against vandalism, robbery, and fraud.

Vynamic View – software for administration, monitoring, and management of self-service device networks.

“Phygital Services is one of the important trends that can improve the customer journey in omnichannel banking ecosystems. Victoriabank has reimagined the philosophy of its ATM network to step up to the future possibilities of financial technology that are coming soon,” notes Valeriu Stratan, director of Victoriabank’s processing center.

With ProFlex, banks can modernize and optimize their ATM user interfaces using the latest web technologies. In addition, new service concepts – such as cash withdrawals using a smartphone instead of a bank card – are easily implemented with ProFlex.

The implementation of ATMs with the above-mentioned solutions contributes to Victoriabank’s technological development, quality, and customer service standards.

According to Nikolai Zaleshchuk, regional head of BS/2, the Moldovan market is developing rapidly, so advanced technological solutions are in great demand here and are especially promising.

“Banks wishing to strengthen their positions both on the local and international markets are interested in the latest technologies and actively implement them in their business. This allows banks to work more efficiently, receive more profit, and successfully develop their business,” – said N. Zaleshchuk.

“The launch of a new series of ATMs and software opens new opportunities for the bank. We are grateful to the Victoriabank team for their trust, and we are confident that together we can create the most convenient and functional self-service platform for banking services,” – said Alexander Savinov, Head of Sales DAAC System Integrator.

Multifunctional devices from DAAC System Integrator are gradually put into operation at Victoriabank. Follow our announcements, and you will always be aware of current news about the cooperation DAAC System Integrator and Victoriabank.

DAAC System Integrator is a distributor of BS/2 technical equipment in Moldova. The company is well-known due to the implementation of technologically complex and large-scale solutions for different sectors of the economy. DAAC System Integrator products are in demand in Moldova, Uzbekistan, and Romania.

Victoriabank is a brand functioning since 1989. Victoriabank is associated with the first bank card and the first ATM in Moldova. To date, the bank services are used by more than 270 thousand clients in 100 branches of the country.

Among the corporate strategies of Victoriabank is the implementation of equipment that ensures security and is distinguished by advanced technologies. Multifunctional devices from DAAC System Integrator are supplemented with modern software.

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