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Mali Starts Protecting ATMs with the ATMeye.iQ Solution

BS/2 company, in cooperation with local partners, has started to deliver the ATMeye.iQ solution in Mali, supporting an initiative by local financial institutions to optimize their self-service banking channel.

It is the first in the country’s supply of an integrated security system for self-service devices. It is planned to solve the problem of preventing ATM fraud for several prominent local banking business players.

“The African continent countries are one of the key markets for BS/2, and our company is trying to build strong long-term relationships with local partners. Mali is a new country for us, and we are glad that local banks will use the .iQ family products. We are well aware that the trust in the banking system of a particular country depends on the stable and efficient operation of ATMs and the availability of financial services,” says Kirill Ovsiannikov, Deputy CEO for Strategic Directions at BS/2.

At the moment, there are 14 commercial banks and more than 550 ATMs in the country. The growth of the terminal network for 2 years was more than 20%.

The ATMeye.iQ solution is a comprehensive security platform that protects against various types of fraud, physical attacks, and vandalism. Thanks to smart video surveillance tools, the system allows banks to quickly resolve disputes with customers, reduce costs, and improve the quality of support services for users of self-service devices.

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