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Improving knowledge of ATMs: training for Aloqabank employees was held in Uzbekistan

As an official representative of the world’s largest manufacturer of banking equipment, Diebold Nixdorf, the BS/2 team not only implements devices of this brand but also provides consulting services to technical specialists of banks and service organizations.

On May 28, the BS/2 experts conducted training for the ATM maintenance department of Aloqabank.

As Marat Gatiyatov, BS/2 director in Uzbekistan, notes, the priority objectives of the training were to raise the qualification level of specialists, get feedback from them on ATM maintenance, and determine the vector of development to improve service quality.

Among the main objectives of the training for Aloqabank employees was to study the peculiarities of working with ATMs, prevention of breakdowns, and maintenance of equipment functioning.

Ziyedulla Saliev, director of Aloqabank’s processing center, and Zuhriddin Rakhmanov, chief ATM specialist, attended the training.

During the master class, BS/2 specialists answered questions of Aloqabank employees and demonstrated how to cope with the difficulties that may arise when using devices.

BS/2 experts regularly hold training for employees working with ATM networks. Such events allow financial organizations to improve key operational indicators of the self-service channel and save on training and certification of specialists.

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