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BS/2 Will Take Part in the Largest ATM-Focused Forum in Orlando

More than 1200 well-known banking technology brands from 25 different countries will participate in the ATMIA Conference and Exhibition in Orlando (Florida, USA), held on February 19-21. One of the most important events of this year has a global perspective and gives a great opportunity to share experience and knowledge with industry representatives, among the participants in the company Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos (BS/2), which will display the own developed solutions for face recognition and security ATMeye.iQ.

“The US market is interesting for us because of its competitive environment and great business opportunities. We are not newcomers here. During our large-scale project, about 10,000 ATMeye.iQ licenses were sold to a major banking service provider in North America. I hope that participation in this event will be a real opportunity for us to unlock the potential and to lay the foundation for long-term and reliable partnerships in the future,” said Tomas Augucevičius, Deputy General Director of BS/2.

According to him, the company will display innovative face recognition (FRN.iQ), cash flow optimization (Cash Management.iQ), and security (ATMeye.iQ) solutions, as well as various banking hardware from the Diebold Nixdorf. Integrated hardware and software ATMeye.iQ solution, developed by BS/2, provides extra safety and security for self-service devices. It is recognized worldwide and secures 75 thousand self-service devices in different countries.

The company expects the special interest of the bank’s representatives in the biometric identification solution FRN.iQ. A decade ago, face recognition was the subject of scientific research, but now it is a real technology, the newest trend covering the world.

“Not only exhibition, as an opportunity to showcase our solutions, is significant for us, but also the dialogue, that will allow us to compare our visions and expert forecasts. Today the business core is not the product but the client. The customer experience is one of the hottest topics in most industries. Therefore, the focus of this conference is particularly relevant,” said Tomas Augucevičius.

The 20th Anniversary ATMIA Conference “ATMs and Apps: the New World of Customer Experience” will host a series of workshops and seminars. Sessions and breakouts will cover cutting-edge topics that are influencing the industry today. First, the experts will discuss the protection of ATMs from criminal attacks. Card fraud, cybercrime, and physical attacks continue to undermine the ATM channel’s security, which leads not only to financial but also reputational losses.

Another relevant topic is exploring the benefits and opportunities for cardless ATMs. Thousands of ATMs in the U.S. are already taking advantage of this consumer-friendly technology of the future. Today cardless ATMs have a big impact on the banking industry in Europe as well.

Special attention is given to the workshop on ITM/ATM servicing perspectives. According to organizers, discussions will focus on customer transactions experience, impact on ATM services for ITMs/ATMs, and mitigating the property, employees, and customers’ risk.

ATMIA Conference offers a mix of keynotes and case studies that will provide great insights to all professionals. The exhibition of innovative technologies and the latest solutions will be held in the three-day conference framework. There will be over 100 booths in the largest ATM industry exhibit hall.

Last year ATMIA announced a new marketing awards competition for the international ATM industry. The BS/2 also participated in the ATMmys, which is dedicated to recognizing the creativity to promote cash and ATM products and services to businesses and consumers worldwide.  The winners will be honored at the award ceremony at ATMIA Conference and Exhibition.

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