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BS/2 Provides a Full Maintenance Service On Banking Equipment Even During Quarantine

Due to the rapid global coronavirus disease spread, the WHO announced the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic on March 11. Most countries have introduced quarantine and recommended their citizens to isolate themselves from social contact. Schools, kindergartens, shops, cafes, restaurants, and other public gathering places were closed. Many companies let their employees work from home.

ATM Operation During Quarantine

People are forced to distance themselves from others under quarantine, meaning the load on ATMs also changes. Banks note an increase in non-cash payments made using mobile and Internet banking and, as a result, a decrease in the load on bank branches and self-service devices. Simultaneously, in some countries, the load on ATMs and other payment terminals has increased because bank customers try to eliminate all person-to-person contact and use non-branch terminals to withdraw cash or pay for services.

One way or another, banking equipment maintenance during quarantine is an acute issue for terminal fleet owners. It is essential to ensure prompt and professional servicing of terminal devices and use these devices as safely as possible in the current situation.

How to Reduce the Risk of Virus Transmission

According to recent studies, COVID-19 can live on metal surfaces for up to 72 hours. One of the world’s largest banking equipment manufacturers, Diebold Nixdorf, has issued several recommendations to minimize the risk of transmitting the virus through ATMs. We strictly follow these recommendations and based on them. We have developed instructions for safe terminals servicing.

All BS/2 service specialists wear masks and disposable gloves disposed of, especially when work is done. All terminal surfaces are treated with special disinfectants. You can find out more information about ATM and payment kiosk disinfection from our guide.

Benefits of Outsourcing Service

Financial institutions from different countries report a decrease in the total number of operations after introducing the quarantine. In this situation, they do their best to reduce their operating costs.

When a bank provides equipment maintenance on its own, it’s forced to invest in its service department’s development constantly: maintain staff skills, improve incident monitoring and management systems, buy spare parts and expendable materials. If you add salaries and logistics costs (an ATM can be located very far from the service center, possibly in different cities), you get a considerable total cost.

When a bank delegates ATM maintenance service to a professional services company, it saves resources and receives prompt and high-quality service even during the quarantine.

BS/2 is an official partner of one of the world’s largest banking equipment manufacturers -Diebold Nixdorf. We have been providing terminal maintenance services for more than 20 years. All our service specialists are regularly trained and certified at Diebold Nixdorf. We also have a Specialist Training Center, where service engineers, representatives of banks, and other institutions are trained. We train universal specialists who can perform any service work, and we create opportunities for them to share their experience and competence.

BS/2 service centers are located in convenient places in different countries. Service specialists can quickly get to any place where an ATM is located to provide troubleshooting as quickly as possible. Thus, ATM service is carried out on time, even when it’s difficult to move between different cities.

BS/2 service specialists provide banking equipment after-sales service and carry out repair and servicing. We offer various cooperation formats for our customers and guarantee the prompt and professional implementation of all necessary technical work.

To learn more about BS/2 service in your country, please, contact our representatives.

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