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BS/2 Is A Datalogic Service Partner. How Azerbaijani Companies Can Automate Data Collection And Processing?

BS/2 has become a certified Datalogic service partner in Azerbaijan. This step is a logical extension of cooperation between companies for business development in this region.

To provide certified services, the BS/2 engineering team was trained in Slovakia, where the Datalogic production and the main service center are located. Now the company can provide repair services for this equipment in Azerbaijan without the need to return equipment to the manufacturer. For equipment owners, this minimizes the time and transport costs and also extends the life cycle of the devices.

“Before faulty equipment had to be sent to a Datalogic service center in Europe. Transport and related expenses accounted for a significant part of the cost of the services. The service center in Azerbaijan will speed up the maintenance processes and reduce the cost of their implementation,” said Emil Musayev, Head of BS/2 retail equipment sales department.

Datalogic Solutions

Founded in 1972, the Italian company Datalogic has gained worldwide recognition and has taken a leading position in the field of data collection automation. A wide range of equipment consists of such devices as:

• barcode scanners,

• sensors,

• vision and laser marking systems,

• machine vision solutions,

• RFID devices.

Depending on the application, Datalogic devices have different design features. Besides, this equipment has proven itself due to its high fault tolerance.

Application Areas

Datalogic innovative solutions help increase the efficiency and quality of operations in the following industries:

• retail,

• production,

• transport and logistics,

• postal services,

• healthcare,

• financial institutions,

• insurance and law companies.

In particular, automatic information input allows companies to reduce customer service time and reduce the error risks in manual data entry.

Service Center in Baku

In Azerbaijan, manual and built-in barcode scanners, as well as data collection terminals, are in demand. BS/2 has supplied more than 3,000 units of various Datalogic equipment to the largest retail chains Bravo, Rahat, Araz, etc.

“We are pleased that BS/2 expands cooperation with Datalogic, which solutions we have been promoting on the Azerbaijani market for several years. The service partner status will allow us to provide repair services for Datalogic equipment, regardless of which supplier it was purchased from, and guarantees customers prompt and professional service, ”said Ilgar Hasanov, director of BSKOM, the BS/2 subsidiary in Azerbaijan.

For specific information about Datalogic solutions and maintenance in Azerbaijan, you can contact the BS/2 representatives.

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