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BS/2 Georgia Staff Trained at Ingenico

BS/2 Georgia has been implementing a project to service the POS terminals network of one of Georgia’s largest banks. With this regard, the BS/2 Georgia specialists completed a training course at the Milan-based technical assistance center of Ingenico, the world-famous POS terminals manufacturer, intending to prepare a technical base for the terminal equipment servicing in the territory of Georgia.

“We have expanded the range of our services and now serve not only ATMs but POS terminals as well. At the same time, we upgrade our staff’s skills to carry out the maintenance and repair. We’ve made such a decision to make the most of our potential and to provide new services in the markets that are familiar to us”, Andrej Smirnov, CEO of BS/2 Georgia, said.

To improve their qualifications, BS/2 Georgia staff, together with colleagues from both BS/2 and ASHBURN International, visited the authorized Ingenico technical assistance center in Milan, Italy, where they improved their knowledge and learned about the Ingenico maintenance processes, which help to optimize internal work distribution, etc.

“This visit was useful not only in obtaining technical know-how but also in understanding how to improve work performance and process monitoring. This is just one of the first steps in our plans aimed at both expanding the range of services offered and expanding cooperation with Ingenico as a partner in Georgia”, Mr. Smirnov added.

BS/2 Georgia (a  BS/2 subsidiary) was founded in 2009 in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi. Currently, six service centers are operating in the country, providing maintenance services for banking equipment and self-service devices, CISCO communication equipment infrastructure development, and servicing. BS/2 Georgia employs some 40 certified specialists who offer maintenance service for over 900 ATMs and 12,000 EFT-POS terminals throughout Georgia.

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