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BS/2 expands cooperation with the Halyk Group

Financial institutions in Central Asia actively invest in banking equipment. The strategy of the Halyk Group is focused on the introduction of high-tech products and services. One of Group’s banks’ priorities is the development of a self-service banking channel, which led to the increased interest in cash recycling ATM and specialized software that expands the functionality of devices.

“Cash recycling ATMs are the fastest growing sector of banking equipment. This technology makes it possible to use funds deposited by customers for cash withdrawal, which reduces banks’ costs for collection. Such advantages determine the choice of banks renewing the ATM fleet,” says Anton Valinčius, Regional Head of Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos (BS/2) in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, Director of BS/2 Uzbekistan (BS/2 TASHKENT).

According to him, BS/2 has been cooperating for several years with the Halyk Group, which provides banking, insurance, cash collection, and brokerage services. The Group includes banks and financial institutions from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Russia, and Tajikistan.

The Group, Halyk Bank, has the largest customer base and the broadest branch and ATMs network. In 2019-2020, the bank purchased about 1,000 new ATMs from BS/2. Half of them have a recycling system that increases the time the ATM is available to the customer and optimizes banks’ collection costs. Halyk Bank improves the self-service channel by expanding the range of services. All ATMs are equipped with the currency exchange system FCX.iQ developed by BS/2.

Halyk Bank in Kyrgyzstan also expands its ATM network. The bank pays special attention to the protection of its equipment. All ATMs purchased from BS/2 are equipped with the video surveillance and security system ATMeye.iQ.

Halyk Bank in Georgia is actively interested in contactless (NFC) technology, which is especially relevant in a pandemic. In cooperation with BS/2, the bank tests a function that allows using ATMs without inserting cards. The contactless payment module allows customers to withdraw cash using contactless cards, NFC applications on phones, or other devices.

Since May, BS/2 has been cooperating with Tenge Bank, another bank of the Halyk Group. This is the first Kazakh bank in Uzbekistan, established a year ago. Tenge Bank aims to open seven branches in Tashkent, Samarkand, and Fergana by 2020. The bank has already purchased a batch of ATMs with the ATMeye.iQ system from BS/2.

“Our partnership with the Halyk Group is not limited to the development of a self-service banking channel. Kazteleport, the leading company providing IT services in the Kazakhstan market, uses the Service Desk.iQ solution to optimize the processes of servicing equipment,” says Anton Valinčius.

The system developed by BS/2 automates assigning, performing, and quality control of service work following the work schedule, specialization, and qualification level of engineers. Service Desk.iQ provides the ability to monitor the used consumables, spare parts, and other service costs.

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