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BS/2 Banking Solutions Have Been Glorifying Lithuania for 20 Years

The Lithuanian company Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos (BS/2) celebrated its 20th-anniversary on April 24. The Penki Kontinentai Group, which manages the company’s shares, started its activity in the field of banking technologies much earlier.

The partner status of Wincor Nixdorf (now Diebold Nixdorf), a global manufacturer of high-tech equipment and business solutions for credit institutions, was obtained in 1995. At the same time, the Penki Kontinentai supplied 60 Wincor Nixdorf ATMs to Lithuania for Vilniaus Bankas (now SEB). These were the first ATMs in the country.

After significant growth, it became necessary to reorganize the banking technology department of Penki Kontinentai into a separate company, BS/2. It has seven subsidiaries (in Azerbaijan, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Uzbekistan). BS/2 solutions are used in more than 80 countries. The company has accumulated valuable experience and over 20 years of operation has become well-known in international markets.

BS/2 is not only an ATM supplier or software developer. The company is known as an expert, partner of financial institutions and retail chains. We provide comprehensive services: from customer needs analysis, selecting appropriate solutions and equipment to installation, continuous maintenance, consulting, and training. We are glad that even in this difficult period, we manage to maintain relations with partners and clients, as well as expand contacts,” says Tomas Augucevičius, Deputy General Director of BS/2.

Innovations That Surprised Lithuania

BS/2 introduced not only the first ATMs on the Lithuanian market but also other self-service devices. In cooperation with the insurance company „Lietuvos draudimas,” BS/2 installed the first automatic machines by using which a person can obtain the drivers’ civil liability insurance policy.

The first info-kiosks provided an opportunity to go online, pay for parking or mobile communications, and purchase goods and services via the Internet.

Thanks to BS/2, the first self-service bank branch Nord/LB Lietuva, in the Baltic States, was opened in the Europa shopping center. Multifunctional ATMs replaced the bank’s employees for the first time there.

It is important to mention the significant role of the company in replacing magnetic stripe payment cards with more secure smart cards and the introduction of the euro in all the Baltic countries. BS/2 implemented ATM adaptation to another currency.

To increase the availability of ATMs, including for people with special needs, BS/2 specialists adapted self-service devices for the visually impaired. The banks of Georgia showed the greatest interest in this solution. There are already about 15 such ATMs in the country.

BS/2 Software Solutions to Improve Security and Reduce Costs

BS/2 developed ATM security solution ATMeye.iQ is the most recognized in the world. The number of devices protected by ATMeye.iQ has already reached 80,000 worldwide. The system not only protects ATMs from all types of vandalism. It also helps prevent fraud and resolve disputes with customers (cash not issued or left, forgotten card, etc.). ​ATMeye.iQ is designed to ease the work of the ATM security services with real-time video monitoring, anti-skimming devices, facial recognition, and various sensors.

The Face Detection module of the ATMeye.iQ solution is based on biometric technologies. It helps determine whether a person is currently in front of an ATM or not. The system has been successfully implemented in Nigeria, where ATM fraud is quite common.

Another BS/2 solution in demand on the market is Cash Management.iQ for end-to-end cash logistics across financial institutions and CIT service providers. The system is in great demand in Azerbaijan and Georgia. The implementation and use of Cash Management.iQ help reduce the number of CIT visits and costs of cash optimization with cash forecasting software.

To automate the process of exchanging currencies at ATMs, BS/2 has developed the FCX.iQ solution. It expands the functionality of traditional self-service devices.

“We strive to develop the “.iQ” product family, apply new technologies, and quickly respond to market needs. Remote maintenance has become the main trend in the world. BS/2 develops specialized solutions and implements various projects related to the development of a remote service network both in the banking industry and in the retail sector,” says Kirill Ovsiannikov, Deputy CEO for Strategic Directions BS/2.

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