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BS/2 among the Strongest Lithuanian Companies

Penkių Kontinentų Bankinės Technologijos (BS/2) company is in Lithuania‘s strongest companies list, Sektorių Lyderiai 2017, compiled by Verslo Žinios business daily. According to Verslo Žinios CEO Ugnius Jankauskas, the idea behind Sektorių Lyderiai is increasing the Lithuanian business’s competitiveness.

The Verslo Žinios analysts evaluated six different statistical indicators (income, profit, changes in the given year, profitability, and average salary). “First of all, any good business should be profitable and, as we believe, the salary in such enterprises should be above average. We’ve also evaluated the indicators of profit, turnover, and wages; in our opinion, this is a good and trustworthy assessment of a company’s performance,” Mr. Jankauskas said.

“We are happy with the Verslo Žinios appreciation of our achievements. We aim to find individual technological solutions that can help optimize business processes – and allow our customers to focus on their core activities. In 78 world countries, they have already become convinced of our service quality as well as our professionalism,” says Tomas Augucevičius, BS/2 deputy general director.

BS/2 received its largest profit in 2017 from maintenance services to financial and retail enterprises in Azerbaijani, Georgian, Kazakh, and the Baltic States markets, where the company takes a leading position. In 2018, it planned to expand its business in the Americas and Malaysia, and Singapore. As of the end of 2017, BS/2 served more than 24,000 unattended devices and POS terminals in eight countries. Apart from the specialized equipment sales and maintenance, the company develops the best-selling .iQ line software for business processes monitoring and management and provides IT outsourcing.

Starting from 1997, Verslo Žinios makes its Lietuvos Verslo Lyderiai (Lithuanian Business Leaders) report, which includes a list of companies with the largest sales volumes in the past year. Nevertheless, only this indicator does not show the situation completely, as sales do not reflect the sustainability and efficiency and the benefit created by those companies. Besides, not all of them can be compared since they work in different areas with their own specifics. So, it was decided to make a leaders’ list in this or that industry.

Only those Lithuanian companies from the Verslo Žinios Top-1000 can be listed in terms of biggest sales, profit for the year, and over 10 employees, whose salaries exceed the industry average. In the 2017 rating, only 788 out of 1000 largest Lithuanian companies qualified in 10 industries, including servicing, food industry, other industries, retail and wholesale trade, transport, construction, technology, energy, and agriculture).

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