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Basics of ATM operation: training for JSICB “Ipak Yuli” employees took place in Uzbekistan

BS/2 center of competence specialists regularly trains engineers and workers of financial organizations that work with ATM networks.

On June 25, BS/2 experts conducted training for the employees of the department of automated points service and plastic cards issuing of JSICB “Ipak Yuli”. The training was conducted by BS/2 specialists in Uzbekistan: Abror Bozorboev, Ilyas Shamsutdinov, and Jasur Botirjonov.

The primary objective of the training was a comprehensive study of the peculiarities of working with Diebold Nixdorf ATMs, and key aspects of their operation and maintenance.

As part of the training, BS/2 specialists answered JSICB “Ipak Yuli” employees’ questions and demonstrated how to cope with the difficulties that may arise when using the equipment.

As Ilyas Shamsutdinov, the head of the BS/2 service center in Uzbekistan, notes, the main objective of the training for JSICB “Ipak Yuli” employees was to improve their skills and establish effective communication.

“The training was attended by JSICB “Ipak Yuli” specialists from all regions of Uzbekistan. JSICB “Ipak Yuli” employees were able to see how ATMs are set up – this information was especially useful in the context of the appearance of new banknotes. We are grateful for the training and look forward to the next master classes for our specialists,” said Umid Xojibekov, head of the department of current activity and control of the retail business of JSICB “Ipak Yuli”.

Unique training from BS/2 experts allows to improve the skills of bank employees and save on training and certification of specialists.

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