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Banking Fusion Conference in Tashkent: The main trends of self-service banking

The International conference Banking Fusion 2019, dedicated to self-service banking channels, was held in Tashkent from November 26 to 27. The event brought together about 100 representatives of the financial industry from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Lithuania, and Switzerland to discuss how the world of self-service banking has changed in recent years and how this affects the banking industry. The conference was organized by Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos (BS/2) and supported by the Uzbekistan Banking Association, Diebold Nixdorf Sargent&Greenleaf.

“There is a huge interest in innovative technologies in Uzbekistan. The government is aware that today it must invest in tomorrow’s technology. The country is already following the latest global trends. It actively introduces Internet banking technology, uses modern self-service devices. Banks identify the customers‘ needs through various communication channels and provide them with more personalized services”, said Idrakas Dadasovas, Chairman of the Penki kontinentai Group.

An important feature of the conference was that the speakers’ reports were based on real experience using different innovative solutions provided by banks and other financial institutions worldwide.

“Banks are ready to learn more about new technologies and implement them. They believe these solutions can help develop their business and improve the economy of Uzbekistan“, – said Temur Egamberdiev, Head of Information and Communication Technologies of Uzbekistan Banking Association. Uzbekistan Banking Association helps the country’s financial institutions introduce innovative technologies and make banking services more convenient.

An exhibition of modern banking equipment and solutions was held during the event. Among the solutions presented were those that help: expand the ATM functionality, merge various banking service channels, strengthen terminal security, develop acquiring networks and manage CIT and cash services.

The event ended with a panel discussion where experts debated the banking industry trends and outlined the future trends and focus areas.

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