Success stories

Kirill Ovsiannikov – Deputy General Director for Strategic Development

The Deputy General Director for Strategic Development came to work in Lithuania from Russia – Yekaterinburg in 2016. A year later, he joined BS/2 as Head of Marketing.

Kirill especially appreciates the professionalism and the ability to do any job and considers his family the engine of his life.

“Working at BS/2 is a big challenge. There are very interesting but, at the same time, complex products and specific markets. Our clients are high-level specialists in technology and finance, which require professionalism from our company. These complexities are the main reason why I work for this company. In addition, we have an incredible team. An energetic team not afraid to take on challenges is already half the success”, says Kirill.

Artūras Januška – Deputy Head of Maintenance Department

Artūras Januška started working at BS/2 as an engineer and soon became deputy head of a division, then manager, and even later – regional technical manager. Finally, he currently holds the position of Head of the Maintenance Department.

The day of A. Januška, who has a technical background, starts by solving engineering issues. Every morning he comes to the company and visits the company’s service department, and then sits down at his workplace to analyze existing problems in other departments.

“In the ATM business, you can’t relax. Every day, new challenges await you, which encourage you to improve every day,” says Arturas.