Social responsibilities

Our main priority is sustainability, and our business practices are built upon responsible and ethical methods. Honesty and transparency are integral parts of our work, and we always strive to maintain an open dialogue with stakeholders. We pay special attention to environmental conservation, foster long-term partnerships, and adhere to high standards of ethical conduct in all areas of our operations.


Social initiatives

At BS/2, social responsibility is more than just a buzzword; it is a fundamental part of our values. As a company, we believe in giving back to our community and supporting those in need. One of the ways we do this is by supporting the Lithuanian Welfare Society for People with Intellectual Disability "Viltis." We financially support the care center and take immense pride in supporting such a vital organization and its work. The care center has hosted a neighborhood and friendship celebration in Vilnius for over a decade. BS/2 has been actively involved in the festivities, participating yearly to promote social inclusion and foster a welcoming environment for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Since 2021, the Penki kontinentai group of companies has joined the SOPA "DUOday" initiative, which aims to give people with disabilities the opportunity to integrate into society by trying different jobs. Every year, a person with a disability and an employee of our company spend one working day together. This initiative gives people with disabilities the opportunity to get acquainted with the company's activities and try their hand at different tasks.

We support "The Power of Coffee" initiative, promoting work skills and social integration for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Young individuals from Vilnius School - Verkiai multifunctional center serve coffee, cocoa, and tea from a car parked right under our office.

To reduce social isolation, we developed an ATM solution for blind and visually impaired people. We are proud to have developed technology that makes banking more accessible for everyone.

We actively participate in blood donation campaigns. Representatives from the National Blood Center visit the BS/2 office and collect biomaterial from willing employees. This initiative has received tremendous support among our colleagues, with most participants having donated blood more than ten times. According to the National Blood Center staff, such events organized in partnership with businesses help prevent blood resource shortages in hospitals.

BS/2 creates opportunities for the employment and adaptation of specialists from Ukraine and also takes part in projects aimed at supporting Ukrainian refugees.

Recently, BS/2 helped fulfil the dream of a young and talented Ukrainian girl, Karina Gasanova, the daughter of one of our employees who joined our team in early 2022. Before moving, Karina was preparing to participate in a sports dance competition in her home country, but fate took an unexpected turn. In 2023, she had the honour of representing Lithuania at the European Cheerleading Championship, where she won gold and silver cups in the pairs and team disciplines, respectively! BS/2 sponsored her trip, helping make this victory a reality.

We organize office tours for high school and college students, providing them with a unique opportunity to explore various professional fields within the company. During these tours, BS/2 specialists share their career paths, present software solutions banking and retail equipment, and payment devices, and also share their experiences and knowledge. We aim to inspire young people to set goals, acquire knowledge, realize their potential, and prepare them for their professional future.

We support students by offering internship opportunities at our company. These internships help students gain valuable work experience, and some of them find their career path and choose to stay and work at BS/2.