Corporate events

We attach great importance to corporate events and celebrations, as they help create a friendly atmosphere and strengthen team spirit. We share many traditions with our colleagues, and we always strive to make these events special and unforgettable.

We celebrate important professional holidays in our industry, such as Tester's Day, Programmer's Day, Human Resource Professional Day, International Accounting Day, and BS/2 Company's Birthday.

BS/2 celebrates International Women's Day every year to commemorate the achievements of women and their important roles in society and business. We are proud that our female employees are talented and experienced professionals and represent many different cultures and nationalities.

Celebration of Children's Day allows guests to visit our office and learn about their parents' work. On this day, children can learn about various aspects of our work and ask questions. We also organize Pet Day, when our colleagues can bring their little friends to work. This day is filled with joyful emotions as cute pets bring a positive atmosphere to the office. At the same time, it is also a way to support our colleagues who are pet owners and allow them to spend time with their beloved ones at work.

We also strive to organize events outside the office walls so that our employees can enjoy various entertainment and communication. For example, we organize bowling trips. In the summer, we arrange kayaking trips so that our employees can enjoy active outdoor recreation and strengthen team spirit.

Brunches occupy a special place among our events on the cozy terrace of our head office. Here we celebrate special events of the Penki kontinentai Group, such as anniversaries, successful project completions, or other important achievements.

We organize various events for employees' children during Christmas to make the holiday more magical and unforgettable. And when New Year comes, we celebrate this important holiday together with all colleagues from the Penki kontinentai Group.

The New Year celebration is considered one of the most significant events, as we summarize the outgoing year and reward the best of the best companies in various categories and the most loyal employees as part of our special tradition.