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What Is Face Detection and How Can Banks Use It to Protect ATMs

The Face Detection module is a part of the ATMeye.iQ solution, based on biometric technologies. It helps determine whether a person is currently in front of an ATM or not. The Face Detection module can be implemented on any self-service terminal equipped with a video camera, and its main purpose is to prevent fraud.

How does it work?

When a person approaches the ATM, he falls into the field of view of the camera. A picture is taken as soon as the user starts interacting with the ATM. The special Face Detection module analyzes the image, finds a face according to certain parameters, and creates a descriptor – a set of characteristics that describe the object regardless of extraneous factors (in this case, age, hairstyle, makeup, etc.).

If the face is found and not covered by anything, the system allows the customer to continue the transaction. If the face is covered, for example, with a mask or a hand, then one of the pre-configured scenarios is launched.

  • A preapproved message is displayed on the terminal screen (for example, “Uncover your face and stand in front of the ATM”).
  • The terminal turns off or disconnects from the network.
  • Alarm notification is sent to the security service.

In most cases, a simple camera and a single shot are enough for the Face Detection module to work correctly.

What does it mean for banks?

The Face Detection module can be used to prevent fraud. If for some reason, an ATM user hides his face from the camera (for example, he wants to use a stolen card), then he will not be able to complete the transaction.

When a fraudster chooses to cover his face and use an ATM anonymously, the Face Detection module can effectively stop him by going out of service. This way, Face Detection can protect terminal networks from certain types of logical attacks and card fraud.

Facial Descriptor data can also be used for more complex scenarios based on Facial Recognition technology. The ATMeye.iQ software solution stores a lot of searchable data for each transaction. One of the elements stored is the Facial Descriptor, meaning that using a single portrait photo, responsible staff can find all transactions made by an individual.

Face Detection is a part of ATMeye.iQ software solution.

Currently, the face detection function is a module only for the ATMeye.iQ software solution created by BS/2 to ensure the safety of ATMs.

To learn more about the ATMeye.iQ software solution and its Face Detection module, contact your BS/2 representative.

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