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Insurance company “Compensa” employs an up-to-date premium collection solution of “ASHBURN International”

A company “ASHBURN International” (“ASHBURN”) began to cooperate with an insurance company “Compensa TU S.A. Vienna_Insurance_Group Lithuanian Branch” and installed in the company’s customer service departments electronic card readers and a special technologically advanced solution for automated accounting of premiums collected from customers and paid by payment cards.

According to the insurance company’s Director Ignas Panka, this solution has improved customer service and facilitated the collection of premiums. “Installed payment terminals enable us to ensure more expeditious and smoother customer service. Moreover, the solution has significantly facilitated the processes of insurance premium administration and payment”, said I. Panka.

Director of the Business Development Department of “ASHBURN” Dominykas Mertinas said that the installed payment terminals enable automated linking of premiums and payments made by bank cards. “This solution benefits both the service provider and its customers. One or several premiums can be paid in a single payment process. This speeds up the process of customer service. A report on the collected premiums is sent to the customer every day in the appropriate form and is imported into the customer’s accounting system”, explained D. Mertinas.

This versatile solution that links electronic card readers and premium collection can be implemented in any organization, which collects payments from customers by giving them the opportunity to pay by card. Such technical solution is also relevant for companies with customer service centres located all over the country.

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