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ASHBURN International – 20 years

ASHBURN International, specializing in software development, POS terminal networks support, and monitoring celebrates its 20th anniversary. The company was founded in 1998, and it is part of the Penki Kontinentai since 2003. For twenty years of work, ASHBURN International has expanded its activities geography far beyond the Baltic countries.

ASHBURN International is known as a company, which developed many innovative solutions. The services range also includes the sale, installation, and support of POS terminals and special software. Innovative software solution TransLink.iQ has worldwide recognition as one of the best in its field. Long-term partnership with the largest payment terminals manufacturer Ingenico, helps strengthen ASHBURN International position in the market.

ASHBURN International Executive Director Žoržas Šarafanovičius told in an interview what has the company achieved for 20 years and what has contributed to its success.

– ASHBURN International celebrates its 20th anniversary. How could you summarize these years?

20 years for a person – not so much as for a technology company. Trying to keep pace with the progress, the company has adapted to technical changes and its partners’ needs, faced new challenges, and listened to the customers’ wishes. Like any living organism, our company has experienced different development stages: better and worse times. The company meets its 20th anniversary on the rise, which is achieved due to constant improvement and growth. Expansion of our activities geography and recognition in the innovative market is proof of the chosen business strategy correctness.

– What determines ASHBURN International’s success?

The guarantee of a successful company is a team of professionals, their knowledge and competence. The collective is our strength, and I always try to accept this. For the project implementation, not a single month of professionals’ painstaking work is needed. It is great that some colleagues have been working in our company for 19 years. Such experience, products, and services knowledge are indisputable advantages in the market. Teamwork helps the company improve constantly, provide customers with quality services, establish new partnerships, and strengthen existing ones.

– What goals has ASHBURN International achieved?

We can proudly declare ourselves as a software developer. I want to emphasize that we create software, support it, and adapt it to the clients’ needs. Our company provides multifunctional services that will become more relevant in the future. Our customers appreciate this. We are developing in Latvia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan. We created our payment terminals network in these countries, provided services in collaboration with partners, implemented our software solution TransLink.iQ successfully.

– How recognizable is the ASHBURN International name?

We are known not only in the Lithuanian market. We work here with SEB, Senukai, Gintarinė vaistine, Lietuvos pastas, and other companies; our name is familiar to their customers. Thanks to the installed POS terminals, ASHBURN International is well known in Latvia, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and other countries, where we successfully provide our services and establish new partnerships. I am glad that ASHBURN International is recognized as a company that delivers and services payment terminals and develops quality software solutions in Lithuania and abroad.

– What would you like to wish ASHBURN International?

Successful development and all obstacles overcoming to prove the fact that we are strong players in our area.

Thank you for the interview.

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