Kirill Ovsiannikov

Deputy General Director for Strategic Development

Kirill Ovsiannikov’s responsibilities include developing strategic directions, coordinating the implementation of projects in collaboration with clients and partners. The decisions he makes contribute to achieving business goals and expanding the company’s geographical footprint.

Career at BS/2

Kirill Ovsiannikov joined the company in 2017, starting as a marketing specialist. Soon, he was appointed as the head of the marketing department. Kirill has consistently demonstrated his responsibility, ambition, and strong work ethic. In recognition of his successful project implementations, he assumed the role of Deputy General Director, focusing on the development of strategic directions.

The secret to Kirill’s success lies in his attentiveness to the expectations of partners and clients. In his opinion, only consistent collaboration can yield the expected results. Equally important are belief in the product being sold, understanding of the product, and the ability to present it correctly to the client.

Leadership Approach

According to Kirill Ovsiannikov, achieving results is challenging without a team. In a leadership role, it’s crucial for him to chart the course toward goal attainment and contribute to the execution of plans. His primary responsibility involves aligning and guiding the efforts of various departments to foster synergy in their activities.

«Only consistent collaboration can yield the anticipated results.»

Deputy General Director for Strategic Development