PLUS-Forum ‘Digital Uzbekistan’

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

About event

On 12-13 June 2024, Tashkent will host the International PLUS-Forum ‘Digital Uzbekistan’. The Central Bank of Uzbekistan supports this event. Retail and banking trends will be the focus of the forum.

The topics will cover digitalization of the financial industry, Open Banking and Open API development, and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Representatives of major national and commercial banks, international experts, banking and retail analysts will attend the event.

BS/2 is the main sponsor of the ‘Digital Uzbekistan’ forum. Our team will present a new generation of software solutions such as Payments.iQᴺᴳ, ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ, CashManagement.iQ, TransLink.iQ, DS Center.iQ, and modern banking equipment from leading manufacturers. Among them are Diebold Nixdorf, SUNMI, Sargent&Greenleaf, Magner, Bankosa, Henkovac, and others.

BS/2 employees will also participate in the panel discussions. Kirill Ovsiannikov, BS/2 Deputy General Director for Strategic Development, and Umid Xojibekov, AICB ‘Ipak Yuli’ Head of Current Operations and Retail Business Control Department, will present their joint report.

Participants will share how self-service channels can optimize bank operations and improve customer service in their “SMART ATM in Uzbekistan. BS/2 and Ipak Yuli Bank after 7 years of Partnership” presentation.

With BS/2 support the forum will feature a speech by Denis Kohaev, Head of Business Technical Support Department of JSCB ‘Kapitalbank’. The expert will discuss modern ATMs within JSCB ‘Kapitalbank’ structure and how cash acceptance and withdrawal devices are integrated into the digital bank ecosystem.

Let’s cooperate on joint projects and further partnership development. We’re looking forward to seeing you among the guests!

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June 12

Key topics of the 'Digital Uzbekistan' Forum (June, 12-13):

Seamless ATM Transactions without a Card

Acquiring Business Strategies

AI and IT Issues. Big Data

Digital Onboarding. Customer Attraction and Retention

Open Banking and Open API. Impact on the Traditional Banking Market

Money Transfer Systems. Geopolitical Changes

Cyber Threats and Information Security

XaaS (Anything as a Service). Developing Neobank Scenarios