PLUS-Forum NDO 2021

Moscow, Russia

About event

PLUS-Forum “Cash Circulation + Self-service. Banking and Retail 2019” organized by the PLUS Journal is dedicated to the analysis of the current state and prospects for the development of cash circulation, banking, and payment industry in Russia and globally.

Among the key topics of the Forum conference are the following:

  • Cash circulation in Russia and globally: the state policy and business.
  • Bank branch: new functionality, technologies, equipment, profitability.
  • How does a branchless bank live?
  • Self-service terminal network: best practices. From outsourcing and remote control towards biometrics and NFC.
  • Cash collection and self-collection: from a concept to technological details. Do not forget about coins as well!
  • Security in the offline retail banking: from physical to IT threats. Industry experts propose methods of countering criminals.


April 26

Registration, exhibition tour


Forum opening and welcome speech


Session 1: Cash in the new realities. Digitalization.

Technological aspects of the development of cash circulation
Organization of cash circulation in Russia. In search of the optimal model and structure
Monitoring the cash circulation transparency.
Monitoring of banknote sorting into good/old banknotes
Self-cashing at NDC: simple, convenient, easy
Soon in all cash centers of the country - the new generation of LAUREL Ks series
Features of cash management in a digital office
Quality and legal control of operators at currency exchange offices using machine vision
Evolution of ATM business in the digital age
Questions and answers
Coffee break, exhibition tour


Session 2: Cash Circulation Strategy. The most important trends 2021-2025.

Approaches to the development of banknotes and their processing taking into account the requirements of modern cash circulation
Priority directions of development of the cash circulation
Trends in the development of the cash circulation in Russia
Break, exhibition tour


Session 3: Strategies of the Bank of Russia in the context of cash processing in the Russian Federation.

Key points of the Bank of Russia's cash circulation strategy. Specifics and implementation
Has the share of cash in retail turnover decreased? But the volume has remained the same? The growth of cash in circulation up to 2025 will continue
Prospects of digital ruble as a replacement for cash
The Bank of Russia will continue to issue new modifications of banknotes with enhanced security features
Optimization of banknote circulation as part of the Bank of Russia cash circulation strategy
Optimization of banknote circulation will help reduce the need for coins
Models of work with cash in the conditions of the pandemic. Banks. Retail trade. Collection activities. Problems. Development Trajectories
Central banks transfer part of cash holding and processing functions to commercial organizations

April 27

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Session 4: Technology and Banking Infrastructure in a Coronation Crisis.

Transformation of bank branches - new directions in the post COVID-19 era
Network modeling and new technologies of customer interaction Banks' evaluation of contactless ATM transactions. Pros, cons.
Customer experience and self-service devices
Facial authentication. Yesterday, today, tomorrow.
WebIUS: new services on ATM without revolution
Points of cash management optimization. Theory and practice


Session 5. Closed session "Security features of banknotes and handling them. Problems and solutions".

The closed session will cover the main principles and stages of the formation of security features of the Bank of Russia banknotes and foreign currencies. It will cover the methods of detecting security features, recommendations on information support in the field of researching banknotes, methods of using some types of equipment and will touch upon the problems of training specialists in the field of researching banknotes and upgrading skills of employees of organizations supplying specialized equipment for processing banknotes


Session 6: Security of Payment Business and Cash Circulation.

Cyber Threats and New Ways to Protect
Banking and Merchant Retailing
Social Engineering. Vectors of counteraction. Assessments by banks, vendors, psychology experts.
Detecting threats and forecasting risks. Preventive approach to security in credit-financial sphere
New protection for online banking. Biometrics, risks and techniques.
Reducing chargebacks and combating botnet attacks with behavioral biometrics
Increasing ATM network security. Is ATM security possible in today's world?
Current level of banknote security as counteraction to counterfeiting.
Solutions, technologies, business cases