PLUS Fintech Borderless. Eurasia Digital

Kazakhstan, Almaty

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The Forum’s agenda includes discussions on a wide range of topics relating to the future of fintech and payment services. PLUS-Forum «Fintech Borderless. Eurasia Digital» arouses tremendous interest among specialists in the banking sector, payments industry, financial market, and online/offline retail by opening borders, connecting West and East, and merging fintech, banks, and retail.


October 26

Digital Banking, Fintech and Innovations of XXI Century

Fintech as a driver for the financial products development. Key innovations in 2021–2022
Central bank digital currency (CBDC) project. The third form of money. Prospects for the countries of Central Asia
Banks + Fintech or Banks = Fintech. New speed of product development, acceleration of digital transformation processes in banks
Investments in fintech in key country markets. What prevents the rapid development of projects? Who is the investor in the CIS market? Does the investment size determine the successful fintech development?
Government regulation during digitalization. Improvement of legislation. Regulatory sandboxes: relevance and best practices
National and international payment systems. Prospects for further development. Interaction areas


FAAS, Ecosystems, brokerage and lifestyle banking, financial services in the era of digitalization

Open Banking and Open API. Open API technology – a guarantor of transformation of the traditional banking market? Open, but not for everyone. Players having their own API- sandboxes allow many, but not everyone to access them. RESTful APIs make life easier for newbies and nimble ones, but they don’t guarantee them a place in the sun. Global practices
Fintech as a service (FaaS). Sometimes it is the only way to enter a genteel world, fast and inexpensive, taking into consideration the cloud resources. Prerequisites for its appearance, specifics and advantages of this model
Private ecosystems and public platforms. Best cases.
Merger of brokerage and traditional banking. The slump in traditional banking products. Bringing bank clients to the stock market and working on it is one of the urgent tasks of a financial institution.
Lifestyle banking. An integral part of the client’s life? Target market segments of this banking model, perspectives in the post-covid era
Cryptocurrency industry 2021. Prospects for private cryptocurrencies
Blockchain – search for real business cases. Masterchain example. Results
Neobanks. Looking for a new model of work in the CIS market, or a deadend development path? The place of neobanks at the present stage


Remote identification as freedom of choice of products and services. Retail banking

Remote identification is a mandatory element of the financial sector digitalization
Biometrics and banking. Biometric identification in retail banking. Best practices and business cases
Faster (instant) payments systems. How they change banks, consumer demands, and payment scenarios. Will the banks hold their monopoly or will the “bank-as-a-service” model win?
Artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data used to create a new quality of banking and payment services. “Cloud” services as method to reduce OPEX and speed-up “time-to-market”
Robotic Business Process Automation in banking. Robots used in a number of routine bank processes show high efficiency, quality / cost reduction
Financial marketplaces. First results and new development paths. Ecosystem economics as one of the most important aspects of building a marketplace
Digital mortgage in Central Asian countries. What’s next?
Auto loans online. Another stream on the market?


Fintech projects against the backdrop of traditions, SMEs and retail. Payments industry, retail sector and digital transformation

Effective development strategies for the acquiring business. New solutions, new technologies
Transformation of retail sector. The transformation of the largest retail market into a marketplace is an interesting example of synergy. Impact of the pandemic on the structure of the retail market
Artificial intelligence, machine learning and forecasting systems in retail. New areas of application of innovative technologies
SoftPOS, SBPay, WebSoft, AvangardPay ... What will replace the classic POS terminals in retail. The path of transformation of bank cards. Direct tokenization of the client’s bank account is already a reality, and what will happen tomorrow?
E-commerce in Central Asia. Opportunities offered by new business strategies and technologies
SMEs in Central Asia. From direct support for a small business launch in the country to promoting the involvement of women in SMEs
New loyalty. Personal communication with the buyer

October 27

ATM networks. The situation in the regions and globally. Where are we migrating?

Scenarios for further development of the global ATM market. Dynamics of KPIs. Main strategic directions. A new role of recycling and assisted self-service
Pandemic and ATM business. Key quantitative and functional changes in the ATM networks. How steady are the current trends?
Change in the focus areas of ATM vendors. From the production of equipment to the development of software and the service component growth. What caused this transformation?
ATM as a service. Specifics of the new promising model. International experience. The most illustrative business cases.
Positions of independent ATM deployers. Entry of the leading self-service devices manufacturers in this segment. Will this trend scale? Expected benefits for vendors working as IADs.


Cyberthreats, social engineering and other challenges. Stand in opposition. Round table

Cyber vulnerability of banking and payments industry. Currently important cybersecurity strategies 2021
Social engineering. The current acuteness of the problem. Main tendencies. The level of latency - what is it driven by? What shall we be ready for?
Dangerous tendencies of modern crime - on the way to Crime-as-a-Service: cybercrime as a service; ransomware as a service; etc. Analysis and counteraction
Personnel fraud. Multidirectional illegal activity as a threat to business
Omnichannel risk monitoring. Response to new RBS threats
Anti-fraud law enforcement practice