Diebold Nixdorf Banking Eurasia Partner Summit

Bangkok, Thailand

About event

On September 20-22, the world leader in the banking and retail equipment market Diebold Nixdorf hosted a partner summit in Bangkok. The past year’s results and future were considered at this large-scale event. The large delegation of Penki Kontinentai Group and BS/2 participated in this event. Diebold Nixdorf summits emerge to banking technology, inspire by ideas for implementing new strategies, and allow to attend discussions about the financial industry. One of the pleasant moments of the summit is receiving Diebold Nixdorf Partner Awards. BS/2, together with its subsidiary BS/2 Tashkent and partner DAAC System Integrator, deserved three awards at once for projects in Uzbekistan, Moldova, and the Baltics.

Diebold Nixdorf

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