Cash Processing Solutions Ltd is a global provider of high-efficiency cash processing. In collaboration with its partners, the company implements specialized equipment and software delivery projects, as well as provides system integration and consulting services.

The X2300 is a desktop solution suited to, bank branches, cash centers, casinos, commercial banks, currency exchange offices, and retailers. It maximizes operating efficiency and maintains the highest levels of accuracy and security. This product also supports our extensive wider portfolio of products with low set up and operational cost.

Device specifications

  • Number of dispensing pockets: 2
  • Banknote feeder capacity: 500 banknotes
  • Operator’s screen: touch screen, color
  • Banknote verification sensors: magnetic, infrared, contact image sensor, and UV sensors on both sides
  • Banknote verification sensors: adhesive tape, printing scuffs, dirt and stains, ink and ink, holes and tears, bent and torn corners
  • Connection: LAN, USB, RS232
  • Access control: operator login and password
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Emil Musayev

Head of Retail Equipment Sales

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