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Cash Processing Solutions Ltd is a global provider of cash processing efficiency. In cooperation with its partners, the company implements specialized equipment and software delivery projects, as well as provides system integration and consulting services.

V Series™ is a range of the most advanced compact counting and sorting machines in the world. This equipment provides the fastest speed of cash handling for central and commercial banks, as well as for cash collection services that provide banknote handling services.

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Device specifications


The CPS V Series™ counting and sorting equipment is available in a variety of configurations. Up to 9 banknote feeders with two dispensing pockets each can be connected to the machine in addition to the FDM banknote feeder and the dual pocket flexible DFM module.


These machines have the highest cash processing speed in their class and can handle continuous cash processing (up to 72,000 banknotes per hour) using the ACDP solution.


The use of state-of-the-art equipment components and high-quality assembly, manufactured in the United Kingdom, allows for the highest levels of equipment resiliency and a lower total cost of ownership in planning for several years.

Solution development:

The unique design of the CPS V Series™ allows easy reconfiguration and optional cash dispensing modules (DMM/DSM), which are often necessary when the quantity of cash handled increases, the sorting principles change or the sensors are upgraded. Thus, the solution provides investment safety.

  • The standard banknote processing speed is 1200 banknotes per minute (72,000 banknotes per hour).
  • Feeder: up to 2000 banknotes capacity, continuous feeding, friction design, short side banknote feeding.
  • Dispensing Pockets: V Core and V Prime configurations of dispensing pockets.
    • Basic module (FDM + two-pocket module).
    • Additional modules – up to 18 pockets.
    • Dispensing pockets with capacity up to 200 banknotes, rejection pocket – up to 100 banknotes.
  • Banknote size: Width up to 92 mm. Length up to 185 mm.
  • Banknote Material: Paper and plastic banknotes (including mixed mode)
  • Working modes:
    • Flexible configuration of modes in a multiuser environment.
    • Single and mixed banknote denominations.
    • Single and mixed banknote issues.
    • Sorting by location.
    • Continuous deposit organization system (ACDP).
  • User interface:
    • Full-color touch screen (5”).
    • Mini display for each dispensing pocket
  • Security: User access via PIN.
  • Operating system: Windows 10.
  • Connection: Ethernet.
  • Can be integrated with Cash Management.iQ and ECM systems.
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Zaur Yusifov

Managing Director, Cash Solutions

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