Cash-In Box.iQ cash deposit optimization solution

Cash-In Box.iQ is a complex hardware and software solution for optimization of deposit and cash collection processes in retail outlets, bank branches, post offices, and other organizations accepting cash payments. Cash-In Box.iQ solution includes a reliable automatic deposit machine Cash-In Box 17 integrated with the bank’s IT system and specialized software which is responsible for operation execution, device management and provides tools for monitoring and controlling its operation.

Device specifications

Instant transfer of deposited funds

Funds deposited using Cash-In Box.iQ solution are automatically transferred to the account, which in turn completely removes from the depositor the responsibility of storage or transportation. This allows you to instantly use deposited funds for payments.

Extensive user identification methods

The solution allows you to identify the depositor in different ways (by customer code, personal documents number, biometric data, etc.), allowing you to minimize operational errors and reduce the time required to perform deposit operations.

Easy and reliable use

The device is equipped with an intuitive user interface that allows you to easily perform operations on recalculation, validation, and deposit of funds into the account. This is especially important when funds are deposited by individuals (entrepreneurs and other bank customers) who have little experience with such self-service devices.

Deposit flexibility

The depositor can choose the most convenient place and time to deposit, avoiding queues and other inconveniences. Representatives of retail outlets do not need to adjust the cashier schedule to the operating hours of the cash collection service.

Safe cash storage

Cash-in Box 17 is equipped with reliable tools for counting and validating banknotes, which excludes acceptance of counterfeit money. Dedicated tools ensure the safety of cash during storage and collection.

High capacity

The self-service device can store up to 17,000 banknotes, which greatly exceeds the capacity of standard ATMs and electronic cashiers. This allows a more flexible approach to planning and organization of the collection, despite the large flow of those wishing to make a deposit.

Access control

Safety and convenience are achieved due to the possibility to administer access rights. The system provides several workplaces (operator, collector, administrator, client), with a certain set of permissions.

Advanced monitoring tools

Cash-In Box.iQ provides the ability to remotely monitor the technical status of devices and the level of stored cash. A real-time notification system informs the operator when the preset storage limits are reached.

Convenient collection

Our solution allows you to authorize a collection(CIT) employee and automatically prepare accompanying documents. The device provides convenient access to the safe and makes it much easier to unload funds.

Business intelligence and reporting

Cash-In Box.iQ allows you to generate reports on the entire network of self-service devices in technical and financial aspects, as well as export data to integrated business intelligence systems or ABS.

  • Bag capacity – from 15000 to 17000 banknotes.
  • Loading hopper limit – 500 banknotes.
  • Cash return module capacity – 300 banknotes.
  • Rejected cash reservoir – 100 banknotes.
  • Cash processing speed – 1500 banknotes per minute.
  • Cash processing speed can be adjusted from 17 to 21 banknotes per second.
  • Checking currencies – by 4 machine-readable signs (reading banknote numbers, including series of banknotes).
  • Reception of 10 currencies in mixed mode.
  • Possibility to set the amount for cash recalculation (used for expenditure operations).
  • User touch screen 17″.
  • Front camera.
  • Thermal printer to print accompanying documents for each transaction.
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Emil Musayev

Head of Retail Equipment Sales

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